Sunday, February 24, 2013

LISA ANN + FLüD + Village Slum: 2013 Calendar

Now this post isn't suitable for all ages, but I'm an adult so no fucks are given. And yes I have no problem telling you I've seen porn and that I dig Lisa Ann. A 21st Century MILF...I have my reasons, lol. Anyways it looks like she collaborated with the homies at FLüD and Village Slum. It was photographed and directed by Mel D. Cole and it's in correlation to sports. Good enough for me, I mean Lisa Ann is rocking some Jordans and mostly nothing else, LIFE IS GREAT. Hit the jump to see the promo video and some of the trading cards. The alley-oop from Shake tho.

(NSFW) FLüD x Lisa Ann 2013 Calendar - Photographed By Mel D. Cole | Village Slum from FLüD Way Tv on Vimeo.