Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thursday, April 18, 2013



It's been a minute since Eazee Street went to an event featuring plenty of LIVE performances from the LA Homies. I'm talking about artists that have been down with the site for years now like Shawn Chrystopher, Mann, El Prez, Raven Sorvino, BEeFF, Coolroy, Hugh Augustine and of course Eazee Street's resident artist Chris Focus. So come through and watch all my folks and more. There will be more than hip-hop at this event so get ready to hang out all day and night and enjoy music, art and more. I mean it's not like you're going to be at Coachella [who goes to that shit?]

Sunday, April 14, 2013

@DJOrator x Rich Life: Rich Life Spring 2013 Mixtape [MUSIC DOWNLOAD]


DJ Orator doesn't do many mixtapes so when he does you have to know it's official. Guaranteed to get you a lavish and 'TurntUP" mood for your elite night outings to places like Greystone, Emerson Theater, etc. Download this now.

MIguel Performs Adorn + How Many Drinks on Saturday Night Live [VIDEO]


If you missed it last night because you may have been out partying Miguel did his thing on Saturday Night Live [SNL]. He performed tow songs from his Kaleidoscope Dream album. His Grammy award winning song "Adorn" above and his new single "How Many Drinks" below. Shout out to the fam Brook D'Leau on stage rocking per usual. Enjoy.

Kid Cudi On Collaborating With Kendrick Lamar w/ The L.A. Leakers [VIDEO]


Kid Cudi hung out with my guys the L.A. Leakers and gave them a great 3 part interview. In part three he talks working with hometown hero Kendrick Lamar. Special shout out to Janice Llamoca for sending this over.

In part 3 of Cudi's interview with the L.A. Leakers DJ sourMILK and Justin Credible, Cudi breaks down the beat that inspired Solo Dolo II, and why he choose to collaborate with Kendrick Lamar "I looked at Kendrick Lamar kinda like the new solo dolo, like a n**ga doing his thing and killing it." - L.A. Leakers

Steer the Story with Audi and Decide Iron Man's Fate [VIDEO]


Audi has teamed up with Marvel Comics to give fans a chance to make comic book history! You can drive the story and become co-creator of a Marvel comic book by crafting the final frame of Iron Man's desperate battle against Blizzard's icy attack. How will Iron Man get himself out of this one? Use sketchpads, cameras, or anything you need to decide Iron man's fate and then go tohttp://www.steerthestory.com/ for the chance to see your name in a Marvel comic book.

Once again Audi has Tony Stark in an R8 for Iron Man 3. Nothing matches the superhero power of Iron Man's armor like his R8. Every superhero needs a super car and the 2014 Audi R8 is Iron Man approved.