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MIXTAPE MONDAY - MIGUEL: Mischief the Mixtape

For all you Miguel fans that didn't know...or for all you folks that need to get on that Miguel ish (fellaz the ladies love it/him) here is his new mixtape that he dropped today.  Fisticuffs & Miguel handled the production and it's been dropped as a little holdover until the official Jive Album is released in Spring '09.

Convinced - Refreshing Countdown #6


Convinced | Refreshing Freestyle Countdown #6-Jay-Z from Convinced Music on Vimeo.

Convinced | @ The Standard Downtown for Creme De La Crem from Convinced Music on Vimeo.

Convinced showed up with 2 videos on Saturday while I was out in Vegas fighting off food poisoning and the heat. Below is the freestyle where he does his thing over Hov's Dynasty Intro.  Enjoy.

LAUSD PRESENTS... - 405 f. Polyester, L4, Diz Gibran, El Prez & DNEZ

Off that upcoming LAUSD presents Curly Tops & Nautica Jackets compilation, that's brewing nicely I might add, I've gotten my hands on another track: 405.  This goes hard, and the Pac sample had me on it from the start.  Enjoy.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I know I've kept ya'll waiting all day, but between my other duties and getting ready for this Vegas trip, and Blogger acting an ass at the slated time of delivery, there have been some setbacks.  Without further adieu though here it is:
So with the 500th post (how I posted this much stuff so fast ionno) I present to you something new and exclusive.  By way of FlipSide Music Group & Eazee Street Media, my blog will have the first "Resident Artist".  Everything done by this artist in particular as far as viral and web marketing will be done through Eazee Street first.  All videos, mixtapes, albums, events and merchandise will be dropped off to Eazee Street and then filtered into the streets.  Hailing from Leimert Park is Chris Focus...he's spit side by side with UNI, Mibbs of Pac Div, Diz Gibran, Melo KAN and other local talents.  Finishing school and getting the business end of his act down is why he is just ready to surface now.  Below is his new street single, California Soul from the forthcoming street album tentatively titled "What's Left?"  With production by Baby Boy (produced "How We Do It" by Lloyd f. Ludacris).  I was with Chris as he was working on this track and though he says he still has some things to tweak, I told him I had to have it.  So we agreed to drop it and see the reaction.  He's a beast so listen carefully, you might miss something...he's a beast.

So prepare to see something at least once a week from our artist Chris Focus aka the Undefeated Emcee.

BONUS: Speaking of World Premieres...here is a track Chris Focus recorded for his birthday party earlier this year at Les Deux, I'm sure he'll make another exclusive record for his next birthday party in January 09...ENJOY



The man responsible for the some of the internets hottest west coast visuals in hip hop agreed to take a time out from his busy schedule of screenwriting, producing new tracks, creating hooks, DJ'ing, rapping, directing and on top of all that finishing COLLEGE. J Madison who grew up all over Los Angeles: Leimert Park, Inglewood, Compton, Sherman Oaks and even West Hollywood received his name J Skillz while in 5th Grade, playing of all things, capture the flag. He simply captured the other teams flag and got back to his before they did.

Across J Skills many skills he's been influenced by Gordon Parks, Spike Lee, Ernest Dickerson & Quincy Jones...all of which he considers "the greatest black people in their respective fields."  He believes he can get close to at least one of those guys one day.  After scoring big on the internet with videos for Pac Div's Paper & Taste (which Sylvia Rhone & Interscope gave a standing ovation for) as well as Dom Kennedy's Watermelon Sundae (below) J Skillz plans to keep going through to 09 with more vids & music for Dom, PAC Div, Diz Gibran and Amber Melody (of Interscope). 

As far as his notoriety, he says it still blows his mind how people from all over know his videos...J says as long as they know the name and support the products he's content not being seen.  That's cool J, but the way you're going they'll know your face and name in unison.  Keep it locked here as I'll feature more things with J Skillz fingerprints on them.

AND NEXT THE 500th POST!!!! 

Creme de la Creme Mixtape Party - 2MORROW

So these might be the coolest Pool Parties since the one I threw in '98...TRUST ME. I'm a little sad i will miss this and the El Prez video shoot...but I guess loungin' poolside at BARE in Las Vegas will make me feel better. The homies PAC DIV are hosting and UNI are performing. Dom Kennedy is also scheduled to appear.


I spotted these on www.marqueesole.com and I like them...always have been a fan of the AJ 1's since I tried them on one day. As a designer I love laserprint on shoes...but I'm worried that these are fake because the laser print looks like it was just swiped from the AJ XX's. But if these are real, I'm coppin'. Let me know what you think.


I broke this song here first exclusively and then it set fire to the nets...well this weekend my folks are shooting a video for the popular track and you're welcome to have some fun in the video. Come dressed like the first day of school...goes down up at Westchester High. Eazee Street dropped it first but won't be in the house...so everyone go for me and let me know how it went. Go take photos, video and send to me and I'll post here with photo/video credit given to you. THANKS.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


So I've been slacking on the blog...but only because I've been working hard behind the scenes on the blog for this 500th Post and some other stuff...stay tuned and it will all unfold. So the 500th post is going down at 1:05PM PST (it could move up...but if u subscribe u'd know). So in an effort to not post something else as the 500th Post, i'm throwing a bunch of things i've "missed" into this one. ENJOY!!!

In case you forgot that Will is West Coast.

Ice Cube is the West Coast G.O.A.T., if not counting Pac (people forget he's from Baltimore)

Mack 10 was discovered by Cube, but the newbies out there think Weezy F. did...SMH

Murs Rocks the Vote...

Convinced Refreshing Freestyle Countdown#3-KRS-ONE from Convinced Music on Vimeo.

That boy Convinced drops his 3rd Freestyle
here (yesterday's, my bad boss)

Convinced Refreshing Freestyle Countdown #4-Milkbone from Convinced Music on Vimeo.

And here is Convinced with his
4th Freestyle...

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Kidz in the Hall f. Estelle - Love Hangover (VIDEO)


Okay so my connect didn't come thru with the video last week as I'd hoped...but I spotted this on MySpace earlier today and I'm just getting around to posting it...obviously Eskay, Shake & Meka have beaten me to it...but oh well. I'm posting it because I told you my girl Aja (ohsoovain.blogspot.com) of The House of Pretty did the make-up for yet another Ethan Lader directed video. If you pay close attention you'll see some of LA's own. Namely El Prez, DNEZ & Polyester the Saint. Pay closer attention and u'll notice my ex girlfriend has a major role in this video (I snatched her from Jimmy Cozier awhile back) and DNEZ & Aja have a couple make out scenes. AJ...u were supposed to be on set doing make-UP, when did make-OUT become one of your job skills, lol. Enjoy people.
UPDATE: the MySpace video went down so i swiped this from OnSmash

FOOD & LIQUOR - The Parlor


I've been meaning to check this spot out since this summer...I mean any venue that has a Happy Hours 7 days a week is a must see. I held off on posting about this spot mainly because I wanted to go first...but the lovely ladies of L.A. Etc posted something about it first. So check out their rundown here...and if you still need to know more before running to check it out...go to the website.

Convinced - Refreshing Countdown Freestyle #1


Introducing....Convinced from Eighty's Baby on Vimeo.

My fam E-Dub of Eighty's Baby & WhatEyeThought fame hipped me to the cat above, so it's my duty to hip ya'll. He goes by Convinced, and he'll be dropping his project "Refreshed" very soon and in anticipation he will drop a song and/or freestyle everyday until the release...so get ready for the ride and stay tuned here or E Dub's to get your daily dose...

UPDATE: Refreshed Freestyle #1 - Convinced

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Another rapper born today...my boy, my fam, like another brother: MELO KAN (pronounced CANE)!!!  I've been down with this dude and his music since '98 and I was right there when he officially dropped a CD in 2001 (I did the artwork for every mixtape and album since) and I've seen the growth.  Maybe not the most followed artist on the trendy underground scene...but on that gutter scene...he runs it.  Many media outlets have dubbed him the Underground Bully.  Melo makes what I'd call "layered" music.  On the surface it may look/sound like the typical street rap but there is lyrical prowess and substance that can go unnoticed.  Case in point would be the song below...Blood Money starts as if it would be the typical thug rap about gettin' money by any means but then Melo flips it into how our whole society was founded on it (colleges, churches, etc).  Melo has a way of relating to the slums but goes beyond it by illustrating the feelings, motivations, and ills of society as well as how it affects others.  So when you listen to dude pay close attention, you may miss some things...Blood Money and the video for Still Wanna Leave are both featured on Melo's current LP - E.P.U. (E. Plurbius Unim).  Peep some more stuff at his site or on his page.  Give him a good b'day gift and check out his music, cop some product and so forth.

Still Wanna Leave from melo kan on Vimeo.


I was informed that it was Prez' bday.  Enjoy ya day fam...2 shots on Eazee when you see me!!!  So for his bday everyone go to www.whateyethought.com and d/l his new project "The Daily Show".  A great conceptual project I put you folks up on and the climax to the TGIF series.  Also check the video featuring UNI & Dale Danja below.

El Prez- Uaintuponthis! ft U-N-I and Danja(w/intro) from Dre Harvey on Vimeo.



Because Aja posted pics of my guilty pleasure (Aubrey of Danity Kane) on her blog, I had to return the favor with some eye candy for her.  I know you want one in your house Aj.  Anyways...I've put ya'll up on INSA's art (provocative and stylish) in various posts like this, this and that one.  Here INSA collabs with design firm Rousseau to create this bubble hanging chair.  It is featured in the Designersblock 2008 show in London.  I just want to know where I can purchase one and does the girl come with it...

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Alchemist f. Jadakiss, Snoop Dogg & Pusha T - Lose Your Life

Alchemist is actually from Southern Cali and so is Snoop...have you noticed that Snoop is getting his feature on these days. So here are those two gettin down with J to the Muah & King of the Coc' Flow. Enjoy.



A popular taco stand in Studio City just popped up it's second spot in Atwater Village earlier this week. Known for their tacos and burritos, this spot also offers some vegetarian and organic options (such as the rice and white beans above) which is very popular among Angelenos. There are other entrees besides tacos and burritos including breakfast. For more details, directions, etc. check out the site.

Big Wy - Big Boys f. The Game, Mack 10, Jim Jones & More

Now I'm late on posting this track, but Big Wy of Inglewood is releasing this compilation soon.  Now the reason I'm posting this pic above is for something I found ironic...a while ago I was approached by two different contacts about doing artwork for Big Wy and some upcoming projects.  Now maybe my price (which wasn't high at the time nor is it now) scared him off...but after seeing this image all I can say is: HE SHOULDA HOLLA'D AT THE BOY!!!  Anywayz, enjoy the track.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008



I'm sorry i saw this earlier and I wanted to show you what one of my chicks was doing with her life the other day...she's gonna be the cover girl for GQ...I've been in love since she decided to be in one of my favorite movies...that is all...keep it locked.
She had some pretty interesting words/thoughts in the article to...u can see some highlights here.

Kidz In the Hall f. Estelle - Love Hangover (Video)

Okay word is the video premiered on MTV TRL yesterday...now as you know Ethan Lader directed this joint (I showed him here) and my girl Aja from The House of Pretty & OhSooVain did the make up...so that's enough for me to want to post this video as soon as I can find a way to get my hands on it...STAY TUNED!!!! Word is Aj and my boy DNEZ make cameos as well, I'm stoked!!!