Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thursday, April 18, 2013



It's been a minute since Eazee Street went to an event featuring plenty of LIVE performances from the LA Homies. I'm talking about artists that have been down with the site for years now like Shawn Chrystopher, Mann, El Prez, Raven Sorvino, BEeFF, Coolroy, Hugh Augustine and of course Eazee Street's resident artist Chris Focus. So come through and watch all my folks and more. There will be more than hip-hop at this event so get ready to hang out all day and night and enjoy music, art and more. I mean it's not like you're going to be at Coachella [who goes to that shit?]

Sunday, April 14, 2013

@DJOrator x Rich Life: Rich Life Spring 2013 Mixtape [MUSIC DOWNLOAD]


DJ Orator doesn't do many mixtapes so when he does you have to know it's official. Guaranteed to get you a lavish and 'TurntUP" mood for your elite night outings to places like Greystone, Emerson Theater, etc. Download this now.

MIguel Performs Adorn + How Many Drinks on Saturday Night Live [VIDEO]


If you missed it last night because you may have been out partying Miguel did his thing on Saturday Night Live [SNL]. He performed tow songs from his Kaleidoscope Dream album. His Grammy award winning song "Adorn" above and his new single "How Many Drinks" below. Shout out to the fam Brook D'Leau on stage rocking per usual. Enjoy.

Kid Cudi On Collaborating With Kendrick Lamar w/ The L.A. Leakers [VIDEO]


Kid Cudi hung out with my guys the L.A. Leakers and gave them a great 3 part interview. In part three he talks working with hometown hero Kendrick Lamar. Special shout out to Janice Llamoca for sending this over.

In part 3 of Cudi's interview with the L.A. Leakers DJ sourMILK and Justin Credible, Cudi breaks down the beat that inspired Solo Dolo II, and why he choose to collaborate with Kendrick Lamar "I looked at Kendrick Lamar kinda like the new solo dolo, like a n**ga doing his thing and killing it." - L.A. Leakers

Steer the Story with Audi and Decide Iron Man's Fate [VIDEO]


Audi has teamed up with Marvel Comics to give fans a chance to make comic book history! You can drive the story and become co-creator of a Marvel comic book by crafting the final frame of Iron Man's desperate battle against Blizzard's icy attack. How will Iron Man get himself out of this one? Use sketchpads, cameras, or anything you need to decide Iron man's fate and then go tohttp://www.steerthestory.com/ for the chance to see your name in a Marvel comic book.

Once again Audi has Tony Stark in an R8 for Iron Man 3. Nothing matches the superhero power of Iron Man's armor like his R8. Every superhero needs a super car and the 2014 Audi R8 is Iron Man approved.

TiRon & Ayomari - The Wonderful Prelude Pt. 1 [MUSIC DOWNLOAD]


Because I should have been posted this shit. I always have love for the homies TiRon & Ayomari, so better late than never, because it's never too late for good music. I'll let The Cafeteria Line explain the story behind this project.

After touring the US in support of A Sucker For Pumps, TiRon & Ayomari are hard at work on their follow up, The Great New Wonderful. Tentatively set to be released mid-summer, T&A want to bring their fans along on the road trip to #TGNW. As they travel towards their destination, they intend on sharing the album process through the release of new audio and visual treats, first was their new single No Filter, now with their new EP The Wonderful Prelude Pt. 1! Join T&A as they work hard towards what’s sure to be a grande follow up to a critically acclaimed debut!

The Wonderful Prelude pt. 1 - TiRon & Ayomari

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Reebok Question Mid “Canvas” Collection


I haven't been into canvas "basketball" kicks for a long time [more like forever] but when you see canvas hoop kicks you know summertime is on THE way. I do like a couple of the colorways so I probably just need to see the canvas kicks in person.  What is going for these is that they're Questions. More colorways after the break. You can get these on 4.26.13

KDAY: Sold and Ready for Reformatting


Speaking of Los Angeles legends coming to an end, KDAY has been sold and rumored to no longer be a hip-hop station. Though I wasn't always on board with some of the things KDAY did when it re-emerged as an FM station, the station did plenty for the city of Los Angeles. You never really appreciate these types of things until they are gone. A big salute to KDAY, for better or for worse the station will ultimately be missed.

Los Angeles Laker Updates: Kobe Undergoes Season Ending Achilles Surgery


As you can see I'm not here to talk about the game last night, something more important than that win happened. What happened was my favorite player and arguably the greatest Laker may have gone down for [dare I say it] good. With little time left in a pivotal game on a routine play, Kobe turned a corner and his leg didn't, he collapsed,

New Balance 890 V3 “Boston Marathon” via @KicksOnFire


I haven't paid attention to New Balance kicks in a minute, BUT I'd be lying if I said these didn't catch my attention. I may never go out of my way to buy them, but if I saw them in person I might be interested. The colorway itself is what got me. Spotted this at Kicks On Fire, I'll let them explain after the jump with a few photos as well.

Fabolous f/ Chris Brown - Ready [MUSIC VIDEO]


Let's go out of town real quick. As a Fab fan I've gotta post this video. The song isn't bad, a bit too Drake-ish to me but whatever. Ironically it has Chris Brown on it who we know is beefin' with Drake and I swear Fab takes his opportunities to throw shots at the Canadian too. Now after watch this video it's obvious I need to go to Dominican Republic because even the maids in the hotels there are bad enough to bring back home to the states and marry them. I now have goals for when I finally make my trip there.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Miguel f/ Kendrick Lamar - How Many Drinks Remix? [BTS VIDEO]


Let's keep it to the behind the scenes clips real quick. If you haven't been following them or me on Twitter then you probably had no idea these two had a track coming out together, a remix to a popular track from Kaleidoscope Dream [in stores NOW]. Well they're also gracing the cover of VIBE together. Here's some behind the scenes of them working on the video. Hit the jump for the magazine covers and to listen to the track.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Snoop Lion f/ Miley Cyrus - Ashtrays and Heartbreaks [MUSIC DOWNLOAD]


Snoop is keeping VERY busy as he gets ready to release his Reincarnated album. I heard this song a couple weeks ago but didn't know he was dropping it so soon. You'd expect some sort of corny, poppy song I'm sure but it's a bit more refined than that. Definitely something that can take off for radio. Only time will tell. It's already getting a LOT of positive reviews. I just wanna know if she's gonna TWERK in the video tho.

adidas Originals | Unite all Originals - LA Collision Recap [VIDEO]


I missed this event since I was coming down with the flu, but if you went or heard about it, Big Sean, AraabMUSIK and of course, Uncle Snoop got together at a secret location to rock out for some lucky fans. All brought to the people courtesy of adidas. Relive the night or see what you missed.

Nike WMNS Air Max 90 Hyperfuse – Hyperblue / Bright Citrus / Crimson


Ok while we're talking kicks real quick let's show off some cool women's shoes. I like women and I like shoes, so when I see a possible way to combine the two for an awesome combo I have to speak on it. Now the Air Max 90 and I have a love/hate relationship but I think I always love them on a woman's feet. So ladies here's a good choice. I should probably put Kimmy up on these, I don't think the homie has stepped into the Air Max world. More pics from KOF after the break.

Air Jordan 11 “Yeezy” Confirmed for Holiday Release


Nahhhhhhh...I've been off my kick game lately, well at least on the site, but I had to come back and address these. This is a horrible idea, a horrible execution but for some reason I'm sure the hypebeasts are salivating at these images. Not just salivating but creating an account to save money for it, sharing pics with their friends, fantasizing over the girls that won't actually swoon over them after seeing them in the shoes. But I'm going to shut up and let ya'll tell it. Shouts to the homies from Kicks On Fire for sharing the images.