Saturday, August 30, 2008

Eazee Street X Houston, TX

So I've been slow on the posting since I've been getting ready to come out to where I am now...H TOWN!!!  Checking out my boy's event, the 2008 Texas Music in celebration of that H Town and Los Angeles connection i'm posting this new Slim Thug f. Devin the Dude, produced by Dr. Dre.  I'm actually posting the link to the Dope House's previous mp3 post.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

FRESH EVENTS - ENTREE Opera|Crimson on Sunday

Shout out to Premier Ent., that's still sittin' on that new logo (or 35) that I made for them.  I think I'll make G. Vitte pick it for them, lol.  And I'll show ya'll Opera|Crimson later...oh and when i return from Houston...we tearing this spot down on the 7th...u'll find out about it soon.


I'll be in Houston so in my place I need all of you folks to go to the KEY CLUB on FRIDAY night.  Little Brother is the headliner but local headliners Inverse, Those Chosen & Melo KAN.  I've been a fan, supporter and honorary member of the Blokk Movement for some yes I'm telling ya'll to go.  Hit up or to get the tickets that are going fast.  Film it, take pics and send it to me.  Good Lookin'...


I may end up liking this song Spanglish from Game's new album...cuz i just found out one of the homies did the production on it.  Shaping up to be my favorite song and I ain't even heard it yet, lol.  I met Tre through some close friends of mine...before guiding JT's music he was actually cutting my friends' hair.  Last I saw him he was macking to one of my homegirls outside of Boulevard 3, lol.  Good to see someone fulfill their dreams.  Check for him in the future, and peep the writeup on HipHopDX

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Game - Spanglish (f. Kriss Ashley)

So JT dropped his album today...for those who didn't know or who may be wondering such things. But this post isn't about's about the young lady above obviously!!!! My homegirl here is featured on the track Spanglish which is only on the deluxe if you're gonna purchase JT's CD, get that version so you can listen to that. If you just wanna hear baby girl above, click on the link below (or maybe you bought the other version and don't want to go back and buy the deluxe edition). And u'll hear more from her Miss Ashley that means you have to send all your updates, music & show info to me now.

Spanglish - The Game f. Kriss Ashley (it's Shake & Meka's link but oh well...)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Jay Rock - Blood Walk '08

Jay Rock outta WATTS gives an ode to his side of the color bar.  I mean there was Crip Walk in '98 by Kurupt so it's only right to let the other side represent as well.  This is not posted to glorify gangbanging or offend any other gangbangers.  But this is L.A. culture and Jay Rock represents west coast hip hop.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008



So look what I get sent to my inbox c/o of Ms. Aja aka Ms. OhSooVain herself. Here are a couple pics from the Kidz in the Hall video shoot. Kidz in the Hall were out here in L.A. the weekend of Rock the Bells to shoot a video for Love Hangover with Estelle (American Boy). The video was directed by Ethan Lader, who did their last video (Driving Down the Block). Aja was gettin' busy on the make-up and word is her and DNEZ have a scene in this video. Looked like a good time...I was that close to being in it...but some last minute mishap on my end kept me in the house that day.

P.S. When the video is done I'll host it here.

EL PREZ - TGIF #6: Here We Go

You should already know what time it is if you've been paying attention the last month or so. Whatchu' say Prez?

Check it out y'all, It's almost time for the show to start, so this is the last addition to this TGIF weekly series. Don't worry tho because...The Daily Show EP is droppin Friday, September 5th! It's online only and will be available @ So write down the date and stay tuned cause you're in for one helluva ride! Brought to you commercial FREE by Eighty's Baby Apparel... Lets get straight to the point: This project wasn't just meant to discuss the problems in the current state of hip hop music, it was also meant to offer solutions to these problems. So this is the Prez's 3 point plan to bring us back to the prominent place in music we once deserved to be in, Because...

"It's time to Rap the Vote, Choose it or Lose it/are you in love with the man or in love with the music?/are you in love with this song cause of the words I'm using?/or because I got a well known dude to produce it?/are you in love with the fame or in love with the movement?/cause a ton of myspace hits ain't meaning you moving/you like the dude on the trophy, while my track record's proven/with Def Jams that's longer than the beard on Rick Rubin/"

"...It's election time baby!" -El Prez

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Elevated LA presents The White House Black 2.0


I told ya'll about this site maybe 2 weeks ago...well it's been revamped already and looking cooler than a polar bears toe nails, word to Big Boi. Check it out and support your friendly neighborhood Obama (and Elevated LA) buy purchasing a shirt. Mens and womens, crews and v's. And there will be a special edition, that I plan on gettin my fingers on, dropping soon. YESSIR!!! Shout out to Gheren Vitte & Ms. Day over at Elevated. Peace!!!


Don't Forget to keep voting for UNI at to get them on the VMA's next month. They are the only hip hop act right now and it would be a good look for hip hop and the west coast as a do your western due and go...u can vote over and over again...there is no limit....u can get off like 15 or more votes in like 5min. So GO



Okay, Okay this isn't one of the new developments in Los Angeles nor is it one of the places I'm considering in the near future...BUT, if I was to try to describe how I'd like one of my dream homes to look would be this here. It's sick...I'm all into wood and open spaces for a home. Spotted this on Kanye's's called the Mirindiba House and is by architect Marcio Kogan. Peep it out and let me know what you think.

40 Glocc Calls Out Fake GangBanging Rappers...


Now I'm not an advocate of ignorance or anything, I don't support gang activity...but as a young man born and raised in L.A. I have grown up and learned to understand and respect the gang culture. I'm not into rap beef (though some is downright entertaining) but I do see where 40 Glocc has been coming from in his campaign to expose fake banging in the hip hop world. IT'S NOT COOL and IS DISRESPECT to the young men and women (innocent bystanders, gang members and relatives of the deceased slain by it all) who have been affected by it. So for all the fake bangers in other cities outside of L.A. who don't understand why West Coast cats are offended...YOU ARE JUST AS BAD AS THE "FAKE SNITCHES" that you come on the internet to badmouth and call all sorts of derogatory terms to make yourself seem tough. And it's probably because you don't understand the actual gang culture that you have tried to embrace. But anyway i may have written more then they did inthe HipHopDX article that I'm linking you too right here...but oh well. As residents of L.A. who may have been affected by gang activity...what is your opinion on the abundance of gangbanging in hip hop lately. This is what these posts are for people. Read, comment and discuss amongst each other right here on Eazee Street.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008