Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And the Winner is...

If you hadn't heard: Crooked I took home the award for Best West Coast Mixtape Artist at the 11th Annual Mixtape Awards. Good to see a Cali Bred Lyricist get his shine on. If you ain't know...he gave out work for over 52 weeks. Ask about his Hip Hop Weekly series...

How Far Have We Come... | RIP Sean Bell

The verdict has been in, but I have been pondering whether or not I wanted to touch on this seeing the blog is fairly new. But I had to say something. I CAN'T SAY WE ARE DOING SO GREAT AS A COUNTRY WHEN OUR MINORITIES ARE STILL TREATED SO UNFAIRLY IN OUR SOCIETY!!! Everyone talks of all this change that will or can be brought with Obama as president...and the idea of a possible African American president (or even a woman) is an accomplishment in itself...but is America really ready to embrace such a change when we are still dealing with these kind of current events. The verdict itself is a slap in the face for Sean's parents (above), their generation and our own. This verdict made me feel like Nas' title to his forthcoming album.

Your thoughts...feel free to comment. In the meantime: Rest In Peace Sean Bell

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Monday, April 28, 2008

Another West Coast Independent...


u gotta love how independent artists are shooting their own videos and pressing their own CD's

El Prez is outta Inglewood CA, in case you didn't know. The joint features my boys UNI & Dale Danja. Directed by Tomas Whitmore (of KREAM & Beautiful Day fame).

Kidz in the Hall on TRL today

No there not from LA, but a good friend and Eazee Street affiliate did the make-up (Aja of the House of Pretty, check her out on for the video and Cali's own Pac Division makes a cameo in the video. Ethan Lader directs this video, he also did the Pac Division video for F.A.T. Boys '08
I'll post the actual video later today after it has officially premiered.
Bonus: REMIX of the single featuring Bun B, Pusha T (of the Clipse) & The Cool Kids

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Welcome to Eazee Street

welcome to Eazee Street!!!
You should visit the Street often to find out what's going on in not just LA but the overall urban world. We on Eazee Street will keep you up on new music, fashion, eateries, events, and sometimes just plain randomness that interests us (and probably you too). If you hang out on my street you'll be able to get your hands on some new stuff and see some other things before they actually get put on the streets. Feel free to comment on all the posts and tell your friends. Peace!!!

Plush Outings


The sexiest event of any weekend in LA is at OperaCrimson. Located in one of the hottest venues in Hollywood, urban trendsetters from various industries (fashion, music, professional sports, etc.) meet for an awesome atmosphere and beautiful eye candy. You better have a connection at the door, or you'll be watching the traffic all night. And yes this is the club where they filmed Usher's "Love in This Club" video.

Shout out to Devrin & Milt of Premier Ent. & Gheren of Elevated LA