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So those geniuses at Undercrown (they also did that 2 Pac/Biggie There Can Only Be One tees a few posts back) made some tees for Adidas and who they believed would be top draft picks. There are more on Hypebeast, but I'm posting OJ Mayo because he reps that USC/Pac 10, and Eric Gordon is a Los Angeles there it is...but all the tees are fresh to me. Check em out.

U-N-I on MTV2 this Sunday

U-N-I aka YO & Thurz will be on MTV2 this weekend...peep an excerpt of the press release below:

MTV2 Concludes Sucker Free Week with a Drop from Thurz & Y-O Los Angeles, CA --- U-N-I drop their last single off Fried Chicken & Watermelon, "Soul Hop" on MTV2's Sucker Free Sunday, this weekend, June 29, 2008. With Sucker Free Week coming to an end, MTV2 is featuring a clip of the single from Thurz & Y-O. With their unique style and fresh sound, it's no doubt these two emcees are leading the new school of Hip Hop.

With fan favorite "Beautiful Day" already receiving heavy rotation on MTV2 and MTVu, U-N-I is steadily making their mark across audiences. After headlining the national DunkXchange tour, Thurz & Y-O transition to their sophomore project, A Love Supreme, with high expectations. Collaborating with producer Ro Blvd, the dynamic duo continues to bring true Hip Hop back to the West Coast.

Guess this is just in time for the video shoot on Sunday.

D NEZ - Iroc Logo


New music from my boy D NEZ...a different sound from the Western side of things. Hailing from Inglewood, D NEZ did some grindtime in the ATL and he's now back in So. CAL pushing himself. Described as Electro meets Hip Hop and twist of Rock and Soul, D NEZ is looking to carve his own niche in the New West Movement(s). You can check out his Myspace here...

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Five Four Clothing Warehouse Sample Sale

One of the great things in Los Angeles...access to some of the coolest fashion.  Five Four started by 2 USC Alums is one of the premier fashion lines and it continues to grow.  Well every now and again they have their great warehouse sales.  You can go get great deals on high end fashion and feel like a baller for once in your life as you "pop tags" senselessly...and leave with BAGS of goodies.  Usually live music and mini-reunions are in full effect as well...details on the image...come through before all the hot stuff is gone.  Shouts to J -Dubb, aka keeps Eazee's closet lookin' like a Five Four fashion show!!!

Nike Hyperdunks X Back to the Future

Those shoes that Kobe jumps over cars and pools with...are now to be released in special colorways for none other than Marty McFly of Back to the Future fame.  If you don't know who that is...please google or wikipedia it...especially all the people who fell they are so on board with this 80's craze.  Found these over at

Monday, June 23, 2008

Shaq vs Kobe


shaq freestyle (Kobe Dis)
by skaybn
Man, I told fools since day one...SHAQ is the BIGGEST SORE LOSER EVER!!! A BIG BABY!!! The beef is long dead according to them this Shaq surfaces in a video from an NYC nightclub where he starts freestyling. In his freestyle he disses KOBE...okay Shaq u got one ring without Kobe...but u will not see another championship series unless u r riding an already stacked team's coattails...don't ever be mad he got that close without you and has the capability to do it a few more times...WITHOUT YOU. Guess Diesel mad cuz he left a lottery team for a team that said championship on it b4 he got there and became 1st Round exit after his Kobe haters love this one, Kobe lovers laugh at a whiner.
Spotted this over at E Dub's

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Crooks & Castles : Summer 08 Illuminati Collection


So the Crooks have a new summer line, and I dig it. I've always had a small interest in the whole Illuminati theories and the iconography of it all and how it relates to our capitalist society...but this isn't about that. I spotted this over at Hypebeast and I dig it so I figured post it...the pieces are pretty intricate. Supposedly you can find these pieces at Haven.

Spider Loc - Lean On Me (Young Buck Diss)

Looks like Spider Loc is gettin' in on the Young Buck/50 Cent melee...this is prolly 1) to build that buzz that Curtis said he would not do for anyone else on G Unit, and 2) to prove his allegiance and loyalty to G Unit (supposedly Buck put him on the Unit). Anyway Spider is from these archive this in West Coast Hip Hop.

Spider Loc - Lean On Me

50 Cent x DJ Whoo Kid = Mixtape Vol. 3

Speakin of CUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRTTISSSSSSSSSSSSS, he dropped a new mixtape today. It's supposed to be pretty entertaining...basically 50 havin' a lil fun over old R&B beats. Mr. Cee was playing joints off it for his old school Friday segment. Good to see Mr. Beef hisself have sum fun and prepare for that T.O.S. on July 1st. This ain't west coast but it's for entertainment on a HOT CALI FRIDAY...enjoy.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

J*Davey x Okayplayer


J*Davey Interview on okayplayerTV from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

So my homies (whose governments I will not display here) were on Okayplayer TV. If you wanna get on some different stuff here and there, fux with J*Davey. They have a cult following that encompasses people from all walks of life. West Coast be on they music game...even though the mainstream wouldn't let u know that.


So the internets have been goin' nuts about this news...and sorry to say but I've been sittin on this news since me and good man Mibbs were out celebrating our bdays on Sunday night. But out of respect i didn't wanna leak that to ya'll until the ink hit the u can see above tho, it iz what it iz, congrats to ya'll. I remember the first time I saw ya'll hit the stage man...Little Temple in Silver Lake (Ack Like U Chillin'). I'm sure we'll be seeing much more of the crew. Shouts to Be Young and Like as well. Rep that Left!!!


Insa is the hot artist known for some of those famous paintings centered around women's breasts...but trust me this artist is awesome all the way around and always has some eye catching imagery to look at or buy. Spotted this over at Aja spot...she's trynna get me to cop her a painting as an early bday gift. We'll see homie, we'll see. This is a good alternative spot to be on a Saturday evening. Holla

Fresh from London...(alright not quite but...)


Okay so my bday weekend still has me a lil off and because of it I've been catchin back up with reality and haven't been on my blog game tough enough. But I'm back and I'm goin back in harder than ever. So to show you what i'm recovering from i decided to show you the Hard Rock hotel in San Diego, where I was laid up celebrating on EAZEE STREET, get on it!!! This is a preview to what life is like...go to this website to get an idea of what we'll be elevating too next time around...

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U-N-I in the SOURCE

You guessed it...Thurz & Y-O are the Unsigned Hype in the Source with JT on the front. Below is a quote from the article:
"It's rare these days, but U-N-I – with its natural stylistic bridge between rap subgenres- is actually quite unique. So unique, in fact, that if major labels signed artists who broke molds instead of acts that fit into them, then Y-O and Thurzday might have never made this legendary column." - Chris Faraone, Unsigned Hype, The Source

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So for all you streetwear/skater afficionados...HUF officially opened their LA doors this past Saturday. HUF's LA flagship store is located in on (where else?) FAIRFAX. HUF's store will carry all HUF products as well as any collaborations such as the HUF x STUSSY t-shirt pictured above. For a little background on HUF go here

Tranquility Base Restaurant Lounge


Tranquility Base Restaurant Lounge is a new hip social spot in Downtown L.A., located on 801 S. Grand Ave. It is located on the ground floor of the Sky Lofts. It is open from about mid-day to 2AM everyday and even features a brunch on sundays. If you want to get away after work, take a date for some late night snacks and drinks, or even try a brunch below the skyline check this place out. You can peep the menu and more here...

Shopping: The Americana at Brand


So imagine a larger version of the Grove in Mid L.A. and plop it in Glendale across from the mall and add some apartments and condos to it and guess what u have...the new Americana at Brand. So if you're feeling like high end retail and a nice movie, water show and outdoor shopping check it out. To view more details about their shops, restaurants, or maybe you're interested in living there...goto the website

Burn Hollywood Burn


Famous Universal Studios Hollywood's backlot caught fire over the weekend, damaging many historical movie sets. Space used to film Back to the Future and the King Kong portion of their popular Backlot Tram Tour were the most notable damages. As of now water pressure is being blamed for not being able to save more of the property and investigation into the cause of the blaze is underway. I don't think going to Universal Studios is going to be as cool this summer. For more details go here