Saturday, April 13, 2013

Los Angeles Laker Updates: Kobe Undergoes Season Ending Achilles Surgery

As you can see I'm not here to talk about the game last night, something more important than that win happened. What happened was my favorite player and arguably the greatest Laker may have gone down for [dare I say it] good. With little time left in a pivotal game on a routine play, Kobe turned a corner and his leg didn't, he collapsed,
he winced, he rubbed his heel, got up, limped, nailed two free throws on one foot and then walked off the court into the locker room. He took a few other ugly falls earlier in the game that looked like possible bad knee injuries...but he kept playing. While watching the replay I thought the worst, because on a play like that you feel something in the body gave out. If it gave out it's serious, like a breakdown of the body. If you watch the replay of Kobe hit the free throws you can see on his face something is seriously wrong. It's safe to say Kobe knew what happened already as he took those final two shots of his season. Possibly pondering is this how his career ends, is this what he worked so hard for this year?

After the game there were conflicting reports of a probable achilles injury. Some said it might be a tear, some said it's probably not as bad as everyone is fearing. As a basketball player you know there are only two things to have with an achilles injury...a sprain or a ruptured/torn one. When I heard crutches it's all any Laker fan needed to know to gauge the severity. Kobe already had when you saw his postgame interview.

Ready to get back right, Kobe after his MRI today said let's get right to the surgery. Expected recovery is 6-9 months yet everyone believes Kobe will try to come back long before that. We all want Kobe back, but we all want him to do it right so he can continue his greatness and NOT be another old guy in the league that's a shadow of his former self.  Get well Kobe.