Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I've put you guys on to Woody awhile back, well he sent me a new album some days ago...peep the details below then download and share:

Woody & AtkboyEnt are set to release Chrysalis the album. This is Woody's 2nd full length release. After releasing LoveLife, he set out on this journey to evolve and grow, with the goal of releasing music that has new sounds, new genres, and new moods. Chrysalis is the state Butterfly's are cocooned  in, before they break-out, and essentially evolve into adult Butterfly's that can spread their wings and fly. Chrysalis was entirely produced, mixed, mastered and written by @woodysproduce, with minor assistance from Yung Nate on a song or two. Album and Single artwork, exclusively designed by Woody.  All recordings were done at the  Penthouse Recording Studio, in Los Angeles, CA.  Be sure to visit for everything Chrysalis.