Friday, January 25, 2013

Black Scale 2013 Fall Preview @ Agenda NYC

Looked up and saw the homie as the person modeling this preview so it was only right I posted it up. Since Hypebeast previewed it, I'll let you read what they had to say after the jump. It's some other photos there too.

Following Tuesday’s preview of Black Scale‘s forthcoming collaboration with shoemaker Gourmet, the Bay Area brand invited Hypebeast to its booth at Agenda NYC for a preview of what’s in store for Fall 2013. Moving tastefully away from its foundation in dark aesthetics and core streetwear styling, Black Scale advances its cut and sew product line with the help of some bold new colors and patterns. Highlights include varsity jackets with folded collars, giraffe prints, Central American-inspired patterns, a grouping of backpacks, beanies, and ball caps. Details will surely follow in the coming weeks. - Hypebeast