Friday, February 22, 2013

Murs On The Toyota Prius: Unique is What You Seek [VIDEO]

I always see this ad in the top corner of a number of hip-hop blogs I enjoy so I took it upon myself to post the actual video, one because I wanted to watch it as a non-annoying element in the top of a website and two because it features a Los Angeles hip-hop veteran. Get the info after the jump.

Murs is a lot of things: rapper, filmmaker, tour manager...babysitter. And whatever he does, he does it differently than anyone else. He achieves this uniqueness by running against the grain; rather than fitting into a mold, he stands out by being authentic and remaining genuine.
In addition to the many other roles Murs plays, he is also a Prius owner. As he puts it, "Prius symbolizes caring about the future," and Murs certainly does care about that, as do many of those he admires—be they millionaire clothing designers, film directors, or any number of other people. Not only is the car's fuel efficiency environmentally friendly and cost effective, but Prius has found a way to merge incomparable elegance with green technology. The end result is not just the best hybrid that's out there, it's the best car that's out there. When it comes to the Prius, those who get it, get it.
Get it?