Sunday, February 24, 2013

LOS ANGELES LAKER UPDATES: Kobe Torches Mavs, Smokes A Cuban

It's been a minute since you got a sports update from me, but I'm at the Los That Sports Blog HQ so it seemed right. Earlier this morning, some of you Angelenos may have been sleep, Kobe marched into Dallas with a small chip on his shoulder. After Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban made some comments earlier in the week about the Lakers amnestying Kobe. Well Kobe decided to answer with 38pts, 12 rebounds and 7 assists. He also hit some impressive shots down the stretch. Case in point: my twitter avi. It was a tightly played game and Dirk gave some nail-biting moments but the #LAKESHOW made it out. Steve gave us a dub, and despite only 9pts, Dwight's defense helped tremendously. After the game, Kobe tweeted "Amnesty THAT". Yo Cuban, the streets is watching, and the tweets is too. Hit the jump for highlights.